With an MSc in Ecology and Conservation from Imperial College and 25 years’ experience of working in horticulture, we have the knowledge and experience required.

We have access to a wide variety of pot grown trees and shrubs from our family nursery www.birchfleetnurseries.co.uk which are ideal for rewilding.  We can provide cultivars and species of native trees such as oak, beech, birch, dogwood (Cornus) and sycamore (Acer) which are more suitable for the small to medium size garden, and have a wide variety of decorative foliage and bark. Some may also be more resistant to climate change. As they are very close to the (much larger) wild native species they are almost as beneficial in terms of biodiversity. Being pot grown they are quicker and easier to establish than bare root trees.

Some of the varieties of beech available at Birchfleet Nurseries

We also have trade contacts to source other trees and plants.

We have experience of rewilding not only gardens, but also parks and public amenity areas.

If you wish we can assess your desire to grow/attract particular species to your garden. For example our own children found an elephant hawk moth caterpillar on a walk and wanted to attract that species to our garden. Our soil type was suitable for the food plant (willow herb) so we sowed seed of lesser willow herb and planted roots of greater willow herb from a friend’s garden in an old rose bed. To our delight two years later we discovered the elephant hawk moth caterpillars and moths had colonised the garden! We found this rewilded flowerbed was also a great habitat for other wildlife such as beetles and shrews.