How do I help rewilding:

  1. Go Organic with pesticides and fertilizers or don’t use any if possible.
  2. If you do not have one, build a pond.  A pond the size of a bath will massively increase the biodiversity of your garden. Allow it to fill naturally with rainwater where possible and take care not to introduce any invasive alien species of pond plant.
  3. Allow at least some of your lawn to grow long for a couple of months or more in the summer. Hopefully you will see a variety of different grasses and wildflowers appearing. Leave flowers to set seed before you cut the lawn.
  4. When you cut the grass collect and ideally compost the cuttings. This will mimic the effect of large grazing animals without the issues of actually keeping any!
  5. If your garden has borders try to make them green. Plant mixed hedges of native species if you can. Grow climbers or fruit species against fences to improve habitat height and diversity.
  6. Work together with neighbours to try and link gardens so that small mammal species such as hedgehogs can move freely from garden to garden.
  7. Plant a variety of flowering species to ensure nectar is available for as much of the year as possible.
A pond will increase the biodiversity of your garden
Leaving dead vegetation provides winter beauty as well as cover for animals in the garden.